Goethite Stalactite


This is a fun designer cabochon of stalactite Goethite. Moroccan material. While Goethite is a mineral formation, much of it is unsuitable for cabochons. This interesting piece is the exception. The shinny black spots are the ends of stalactites which I cut down and polished. The lower areas are natural and unfinished. The polished shoulder height varies from 3 to 4.5MM. The polished stalactite heights varies from 8.9 to 6.2 MM. Outside dimensions are 23 x 24 MM. Black is fun as it fits with almost any color of pearls or colored stones. Back is flat, with a natural unfinished surface. Shoulder and the tops of the stalactites have a glass polish. In my cutting, I am always looking for something fresh an unusual. This piece is one of them. Thanks for taking time to look.

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